• In case if your ESHA products is not working correctly or is defective, service during and after the warranty period can be obtained by contacting your ESHA Customer Support Centerabout
  • In order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience we advise you to read the operating instructions given in the user manual carefully.


  • Before installing or cleaning the fan, ensure that the power is switching OFF.
  • Connect the power through wall switch.
  • Clean the leaf gently by giving support.
  • Use only accessories provided in the fan packing.
  • The fan must be mounted at minimum height of 10inches from ceiling and 7 feet from the floor.
  • The tip of the fan leaves should be atleast 2 feet away from the obstructions.
  • Tighten the shackle nut so that the rubber support holds the clamp in the ceiling firmly.


  • Don’t do any maintenance activity when the power is present at the ceiling fan terminal.
  • Don’t connect regulator for this fan.
  • Don’t apply excessive force while cleaning the leaf.
  • Don’t connect leaf of one model fan to the other model fan.

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